Refresher Driving Lessons

Mali Driving School recognises and understands the value of ongoing driver training even though one is already a driver. This is especially true in case of for e.g people who have or had stopped driving because they had a spouse who was driving and now who can’t drive any more so they have the need to get behind the wheel. Other reasons would include wanting to re-gain confidence after a mishap or an accident or moving out of the city or country or simply getting back to work.



Some of the main driving concerns that would prompt one to go for a refresher driving course could be :

  • Night driving
  • Parking
  • Passing
  • Complex traffic environment of today
  • Freeway/motorway driving
  • Roundabouts
  • Hook turns
  • Increasing your driving confidence
  • Increasing your traffic awareness
  • Correcting bad driving habits
  • Answering your driving queries
  • Helping you to anticipate the actions of drivers on the road other than you

The length of the course will depend on your current driving level. This course will be very useful from the perspective of road safety as you will be supervised by expert professionals who will guide you in a safe, relaxed and friendly environment. The coaching that we provide will be very targeted as your weaknesses in driving will be identified first and only then a tailor made program will be conducted for you to overcome your weaknesses and apply your skills in an organised way.

So, makeup your mind if you want to re-gain that lost confidence and want to be more aware of and up to date with the new traffic rules then going in for Mali Driving School – Refresher Driving Course would be the way to go !

We are available seven days a week so feel free to call us for more information on 044-992-5061 anytime during the week.

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