Night Driving Lessons

Our team of experienced instructors will take extra special care to guide you and teach you the skills required for safe night-time driving. Our professional driving instructors delivering best night driving lessons in the Melbourne. We will teach you how to drive safely at night when faced with headlights especially during wet weather conditions.

Things to consider
  • As the daylight dims ensure that the sidelights are turned on.
  • Make sure that the headlights are carefully wiped and clean.
  • When it gets dark , turn on the dipped headlights so that the road is clearly visible.
  • If you are following closely behind another car dip your headlights so that you don’t dazzle them.
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Mali Driving School takes pride and delight in teaching its pupils to become accomplished drivers who can drive from the best to the worst weather conditions not only during day time but also at night.

We recommend several hours of supervised driving before you take up night time driving. As the night descends the roads are illuminated by the street lights but the landmarks on the sides of the road become nearly invisible. So, night time driving is quite hazardous as your ability to judge distances and closure rates goes down.

We will teach you how to regulate your speed in night time driving. Driving fast at night is dangerous . If you drive too fast you may cover a distance greater than your headlight illuminates and this will not give you enough reaction time if a hazard appears on the road. So, we at Mali Driving School will ensure that you have the required night time driving skills before you start driving at night. Coupled with daylight driving lessons, night driving lessons will help you on your way to becoming a much more expert and safe driver.


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