City Driving Lessons

Driving in cities can be quite intimidating and challenging with the congested parking, constructions, red traffic light scenarios and hook turns. There are more cars, pedestrians, bikes, trucks and other public transport on the road. Our expert driving instructor would be an invaluable resource to you to help you overcome the anxiety and pressure of driving in the city.

  • Plan your route
  • Avoid changing lanes and if possible stick to one.
  • If other driver or pedestrian make an unforeseen move just stay calm and patient
  • Make a turn only if you are sure it is legal
  • Pay close and specific attention to parking instructions.

Driving in the city can easily turn you into the angry and aggressive driver but it is possible to make city driving a more pleasurable and relaxed experience if you have the right training from the right driving school.

You are more likely to speed while driving in the city but if you keep braking suddenly after speeding up you will negatively affect your car and the gas mileage. Mali Driving school will teach you how to control the mileage of your car when faced with challenging city conditions. We will equip you with sign reading skills so that you don’t make the wrong turn during certain hours. Our expert instructor will teach you skilled usage of mirrors to be aware of other road users and pedestrians.

Whether you are visiting a large city for vacation or for an appointment , driving in cities requires heightened awareness and focus on driving with the right driving skills. Our expert instructor will ensure that you too become an expert in city driving. Now you no longer need to be anxious about city driving. We are here to teach you everything from A-Z of city driving.

We are available seven days a week so feel free to call us for more information on 044-992-5061 any time during the week.

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