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Can’t decide if an Intensive automatic Driving Course is right for you? Mali Driving School has put together some reasons why Automatic Driving Lessons or Intensive Automatic Driving Course might be right for you.You’ll gain more confidence as you’re not going to stall an automatic car. There is no clutch control or biting point to master. You don’t need to change gear or worry about what gear to be in. More time to focus on the task of driving and all around observation. More time to focus on the road ahead, planning and anticipation. Better suited to stop / start urban driving especially in Melbourne and Melbourne’s Suburbs. Learn faster as you’ll need less automatic driving lessons. Less driving faults to make on your driving test Stress free learning with automatic driving lessons or Intensive automatic driving course. Some people struggle to learn how to co-ordinate the clutch, gears and accelerator. This often leads to them stalling the car or bunny hoping down the road or the car rolls back. This can be very frustrating and stressful, making learning to drive more difficult. Taking driving lessons or a Intensive driving course in an automatic car with a Mali Driving School instructor will make learning to drive a lot less stressful, reduce anxiety and increase your confidence. Quality Automatic Driving Lessons for Nervous Drivers Mali Driving School has taught thousands of nervous drivers over the years. Some have come to us because they were unable to get quality automatic driving lessons from other driving schools or they have tried manual driving lessons and could not master the co-ordination of controls which has led to them losing their confidence and becoming nervous about learning to drive. After coming to Mali Driving School, pupils have found that our patient and understanding automatic driving instructors have helped them to not only regain their confidence and ease their nerves; they have helped them pass the driving test and enjoy the freedom that having a driving license brings. If you pass your driving test on an automatic that’s all you’re allowed to drive. However, automatic vehicle transmissions are becoming more advanced and economical. In fact, the evolution of the automatic transmission is happening at such a pace they are likely to soon become the average. Intensive Driving Courses Mali Driving Schools Crash Driving Courses will teach you to drive to a high standard and to pass your driving test first time. You can learn to drive and pass you’re driving test in 6 days with Mali Driving Schools Intensive driving course. Our courses are designed for any stage of your driving career from beginner to driving test re-takes.

Automatic Driving Lessons Step by Step

Even though driving an automatic is not as sophisticated as learning manual transmission car but it still have pretty challenges up it sleeves. By learning as much as possible about the process involved in driving, and the possible pitfalls you may encounter, you will become a safer, more successful driver.

Driving an automatic car is bit different and is,supposedly easier than driving a manual transmission car. But due to inadequacy of practice and proper experience of driving automatic could lead to mistakes that will in turn make it complicated controlling the vehicle.

Before you start driving, it is a good idea to get your familiarized with controls and equipment. That way you will feel confident when it is time to hit the road. Learning in an automatic car is the most popular choice for beginners who find it difficult when it comes to changing gears and using clutch pedal. In automatic though, there are only two pedals: the pedal on right is accelerator and wider one on left is break. Press on them gently with your right foot to get an idea of how they feel.

The best tip on driving an automatic car is to place left foot of footstep to make you feel comfortable and avoid constantly lifting foot as it provokes muscle ache. Your left foot always remains at rest all time as you already know there are only two pedals. It is almost impossible that you will need these two at same time, you will use your right foot for both.

The common feeling using automatic cars is that you will be unable to handle gears to control power of your vehicle, you may have feeling that car is self driven and not responsive to your command because you are not changing gears in automatic transmission. To fix this issue, you can use brake pedal of your vehicle to force it into lower gears. Be informed that an automatic transmission car is prepared perfectly to accommodate various driving styles.

Success Stories:

“I needed to pass my driving test very quickly, so I took an intensive driving course in an automatic car with Mali Driving School. The way automatic cars are improving I’m sure they will become the norm in the near future. I passed my driving test in seven days thanks to my automatic car and driving instructor ”. Mr H Cordwell

“I failed my driving test a number of times on a manual car and was going to give up… then I was persuaded by John at Mali Driving School to try automatic driving lessons. It was so much easier! No clutch control, No gears changes, only brake and accelerator to deal with, I could now give all my attention to the road ahead. My observation improved greatly. I took my automatic car test and passed first time. Thank you John and my driving instructor !!” Matthew


Yes You Can … learn to drive confidently and quickly with professional Automatic Driving Lessons, Intensive Automatic Driving Course or a Crash Automatic Driving Course from Mali Driving School by contacting us by phone, email, live chat or by the booking form provided below. Why Pick Mali? Compare Driving Schools Client Reviews Write a Review Your Questions Answered Ask The Experts History of the Driving Test A Guide to Getting Started Free Videos Guides Hazard Perception Test Driving & Theory Test Official Car Test Show me- Tell me Hazard Perception Test Driving Top Test Secrets & Tips Theory Test Driving Test How to Master Test Nerves Driving Test Myths Eco Driving Free Info & Advice Intensive Courses Pass Plus Refresher Courses Automatic Car Lessons Advanced Driving Courses Disabled People Under 18 Driving Lessons International Drivers Free Download Show Me Tell Me Questions Official Driving Test Routes Driving Test Centres VicRoads